Employment and Tax. It doesn't need to be taxing.

PAYE Scheme Setup Service

For employers both new and old, the setup or amendment of a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Scheme can be a complex task, and Prime Pay and Tax will deal with HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf.

HMRC Correspondence

Prime Pay & Tax offer a fully managed agent service dealing with some or all of HMRC correspondence in respect of your payroll/employer compliance obligations.

Retirement Payroll

With ever increasing number of contributing pension members as a result of the automatic enrolment obligation placed on employers under the Pensions Act 2008, Prime Pay & Tax’s retirement payroll department is expected to be the fastest growing service within the business. We provide retirement payroll services to a variety of organisations within the UK pension industry, whether it be to:

  • Third Party Pension Administrators
  • Defined Contribution Pension Schemes
  • Defined Benefit Pension Schemes
  • Pension Drawdown Product Providers
  • Annuity Providers

Employed vs Self Employed – You may be an employer without knowing it!

An employer’s perception of what constitutes employment may not be correct in terms of employment law, pension and/order tax/social security obligations. It must be noted that this can have a large impact on PAYE obligations on an employing entity, whether or not that entity is an incorporated entity, sole trader, some other legal structure, or even a domestic employer,

We encourage anyone who has a contract employing or receiving services from an individual or legal entity, to consider the HMRC guidelines – even if they did not previously consider the need to operate a PAYE Scheme:

  • Providing Services to Multiple Parties
  • Risks and Rewards of Trade

Domestic Employers

You do not need to be a trading entity to be considered an employer by HM Revenue & Customs. Receiving service, individual or via agencies, may or may not be deemed an employment situation for the purposes of operating a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Scheme and providing an auto enrolment pension. Prime Pay and Tax can clarify this for you.

Care Worker

An interesting but complex part of both PAYE and automatic enrolment legislation relates to the deemed employment situation for the UK’s disabled and elderly population receiving state funded care. From the variety of services provided under Prime Pay & Tax, we understand the different setup and requirements from council to council, as well as from each demographic of the disabled as well as elderly population.


Individuals providing services through an incorporating entity have long since been used to certain tax and national insurance benefits. Whilst this can be true providing it is set up and maintained correctly, individuals and companies operating in this way, and employers working with parties of this structure must consider the tests imposed by HMRC to identify those arrangements falling within PAYE / Class 1 National Insurance rules.

Expense reporting

Many employers are unaware of the extent to which employers are required to report to HMRC for business expense reimbursements to employees and contractors. It is important to investigate the purpose behind the reimbursements to decide on the correct tax and reporting treatment.


A simple expense policy needs to ensure that it complies with all filing, notification as well as record keeping requirements with HM Revenue & Customs. Prime Pay & Tax offer a simple review and filing service for all employers in our client base.

PAYE Settlement Agreements

Providing employee entertainment or even ad hoc gifts can inadvertently trigger certain tax charges and filing requirements with HM Revenue & Customs.

Forms P11D

Benefits and expenses surrounding employment relationships can prove to be a minefield for both administrators as well as practitioners. Whether it is completion of forms P11D, P11Dx or P11D(b) Prime Pay & Tax are set up to assist as an online or fully managed service.

Just one of the bespoke services offered by Prime Pay & Tax includes the fully managed operation, calculation and filing under HMRC specialist Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) obligations.